This archive has been formed by a correlation of satellite imagery, distance measurements, time lines and fuel calculations collected from both Google Maps and Nearmaps data. this information had to be collected separately and manually combined to create this catalogue which captures Food movement from an aerial experience. By understanding the various journeys travelled by food before we purchase them one can comprehend the extent to which wastage is occurring and how this impacts our environment. For every carrot, banana etc. that is discarded rather than eaten, a certain quantity of energy and time is also laid to waste. The intention of this archive is to cultivate some perception of wastage beyond simply the food item itself, as time passes our collections will become broader and greater in detail - our goal is to continue collecting satellite imagery until it is no longer static. This will be a complete flow of data, seamless and consistent with the current state, that can allow us to comprehend the full extent of wastage in the modern era.